The Best Cake Topper Ideas

The Best Cake Topper Ideas

They’re often overlooked, but a cake topper can really transform the look of your wedding cake. It can turn the simplest of cakes into something completely spectacular. It can give the teeniest, tiniest cake that extra bit of much needed height, giving the illusion of a much taller cake. You can get some really fun cake toppers nowadays, so why not choose something that will give your guests a giggle?

Usually, our customers choose not to have a cake topper and instead opt for a hand-painted design covering the entire thing. Either way, here are our favourite cake toppers around…


In Bermuda, the wedding cake is a hugely important part of the big day. Couples top their wedding cakes with tiny saplings, which they then plant to grow as their marriages do. We love this idea! Photo by Jonathon Lovekin.



I just love this non-traditional idea. Well, who wouldn’t love a pair of gold dinosaurs on top of their wedding cake? Photo by Di Bezi Photography.


 This is one of our very own cakes, and we designed these cake toppers especially for the bride and groom. They provided us with side-profile photos and we created their silhouettes from them. Then it was a case of printing them and popping them in these cute pink frames. Cake by MurrayMe.


This cake topper is worth a giggle! Perfect for those bride and grooms who find it hard to detach themselves from their phones. (But hopefully you will on your wedding day!) You can buy this from Amazon.


Kissing polar bears! So cute. And we love the ‘Best Day Ever’ banner too. Photo by Max and Friends.


Add a bit of sparkle to your wedding cake with some sparklers simply inserted into the top of the cake. So simple and super effective for that big ‘cutting the cake’ moment. Photo by


Flowers in a teacup looks great on a vintage themed wedding cake. This is one of our gorgeous cakes, the painted design is based on the china willow pattern, and the little teacup matches it perfectly. Time to get raiding those antique shops, ladies! Cake by MurrayMe.


If you’re renewing your vows, this whimsical little felt garland which reads ‘We Still Do’. You can buy it here.