10 Fun DIY Ideas You Can Do With Your Bridesmaids

Weddings are a busy time and with so many things on the to-do list, it can begin to take up all of your free time. Don’t forget to call in the Bridesmaids! You have carefully selected your beautiful bridesmaids to help you on your big day, but don’t forget all the fun things you can do together beforehand to make your wedding extra special and personal.

1. Make Your Own Wedding Decorations

You can get together over some cocktails and make your own wedding decorations. There are so many lovely easy DIY decorations such as decorating candle jars, making bunting and for the more skilled bridesmaid, you can even try making some vintage origami birds!

2. Make Props for a Photo Booth

Photo booths are popular at weddings and guests always get into character with some good props after a few glasses of bubbly. Get your bridesmaids thinking creatively and make your own props for the big photo shoot.

3. Make the Wedding Favours together

Whether you are baking cupcakes, writing personalised notes for your guests or putting sweets in jars, you can get together for a wedding favour DIY party.

4. Make your own Jewellery and Accessories

What could be more personal on your wedding day than wearing jewellery made by your bridesmaids? This is a lovely way to wear a unique, one-of-a-kind accessory whilst letting your bridesmaids inject some of their style into your big day.

5. Cocktail Tasting Party

If you are having cocktails at your wedding, its a good idea to choose a selection of cocktails guaranteed to delight your guests pallets. Invite the bridesmaids round for a cocktail party and decide together which cocktails to indulge your guests with. This is a really fun idea and can be combined with some craft making (as long as you aren’t too tipsy!)

6. Make your own Wedding Bouquets

If you are putting your own bouquets together, don’t let this cause unnecessary stress right before the big day, just as your bridesmaids to give you a hand the day before. This little tip can save you so much money and it makes the flowers that much more personal.

7. DIY Wedding Signs

You usually need quite a few signs at weddings; pointing out the guest book, directions to the toilet, seating plans and possibly even road signs if you are having a country wedding which is off the beaten track! Signs are easy and fun to make and your bridesmaids can have fun writing their own messages for your guests.

Found on ruffledblog.com

8. Make your own Confetti

Its becoming more and more common that confetti is provided for guests at weddings and you don’t want to take the risk of everyone forgetting it! Why not make up your own confetti bags which contain personal touches too? Remember not to use rice in your bags though 🙂

Found on bridebox.com

9. Practice Your Hair and Makeup

Whether you are having a personal stylist for the big day or doing your own hair and makeup, you ladies can get together and practice your hairstyles together before the day. Even if you are having a stylist, you will save a huge amount of time (and potential heartache) by showing them how you like it.

10. Make the Playlist Together

Have a night off and boogie to your favourite songs as you choose your number 1 songs for the wedding party playlist. You might want to include the groom in this one 🙂

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